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Jules Rowell Band

These are three excerpts from the CD “A Book of Numbers”. Original compositions inspired by the enduring artistry of Horace Silver. Personnel includes: Ian Willson, Sax; David Udolf, Piano; Mario Suraci, Bass; and Rob Gibson, Drums.

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Jules Rowell Band

These tunes are the first of several jazz quintet formats which are characterized by odd time signatures and feature the following performers: Steve Feirerabend, Sax; Matt Clark, piano; Chuck Bennett, bass; and Bill Belasco, drums.

Jules Rowell Sextet

This is a Sacred Music inspired by meditations on the Bible. Performers includes: Ian Willson, Sax; Michael Bluestein, Piano; Paul Smith, Bass; Rob Gibson, Drums; Sheila Smith, Voice & Percussion.

The Jules Rowell Jazz Orchestra

This ensamble performs original music and features the following artists: Norbert Stachel, Soprano Sax; Marty Wehner, Slide Trombone; Alex Murzyn, Tenor Sax; Steve Campos, Trumpet; Charlie McCarthy, Alto Sax; Michael Bluestein, Piano; Mario Suraci, Bass: and David Rokeach, Drums.

Jules Rowell Sextet

This is a collection of instrumental and vocal music which features original melodies set to the poetry of e. e. cummins. Performers includes: Peter Cornell, Sax; Michael Bluestein, Piano; Paul Smith, Bass; David Rokeach, Drums; Sheila Smith, Voice & Percussion.

The Kenny Dorham Project

These are original Latin arrangements of three compositions by Jazz Legend Kenny Dorham. They feature Erik Jakobson on trumpet and Jarrett Cherner on piano. The band also includes Stefan Kuhn, trumpets; Aaron Germain, bass; Bill Belasco, Trap Drums; Teddy Strong, congas; Sammy Ramirez, bongos; and Valeriana Quevedo, vocal.

The Latin Jazz Ensamble

A nine-piece group performing two original compositions by Jules Rowell. Eric Rosenquist is featured on Alto Sax and Wally Schnalle on Drums.

The Jules Rowell Sextet, circa 1975

Four early compositions featuring the following artists: Mel Martin, Tenor Sax & Flute; George Muribus, Electric Piano; Ratzo Harris, Acoustic Bass; Brent Rampone, Drums and Francisco Aguabella, Congas.

Jules Rowell 50th Anniversary Band,
Circa 1967

The earliest recording of the Jules Rowell Band.

Jules Rowell, Valve Trombone; Roger Neumann, Tenor Sax; Mike Hughes, Piano; Bruce Cale, Bass and Joe LaBarbera, Drums

All music composed by Jules Rowell.  © 2017 Saqueboete Music, BMI. All rights reserved. Except music from The Kenny Dorham Project

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